Friday, February 25, 2011

GOP Pressing Ideology over Jobs and Economy

The GOP made Jobs and the Economy their #1 talking points during the 2010 elections. However, now that they've won sweeping victories through much of the nation, they have instead put Ideology in the forefront. They are attacking on three major fronts: Middle and Lower Class entitlements and jobs; Killing Regulations/Funding that Protect Americans, but will help Corporate Interests; and Women's Rights.

On the Entitlements and Jobs front, their #1 goals seem to be Social Security and Union Busting, as seen in Wisconsin, New Jersey, and other places. However, their attacks on Health Care and the Environment will kill jobs also.

On the Regulations/Funding front, the republican held U.S. House passed H.R. 1 (the appropriations bill) that cuts $64 million in non-defense discretionary spending, but actually adds $5 Billion in defense spending. The cuts are basically social in nature (EPA, Education, etc.)

And on Women's Rights, they are doing all they can to cut funding (Planned Parenthood, etc.) and create new laws that will be a detriment to Women's Health and Reproduction Rights.

Non of the above items have anything to do with jobs (except to destroy them), and will have little impact on the economy (with the exception of making it worse).

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