Friday, June 27, 2008

Muskrats are new Terrorist Threat

The U.S. today has announced that Muskrats are now part of the 'Axis of Evil' nations. The president announced that the 'Muskrat Nation' has been under secret surveillance for years, but that after the harrowing attack by muskrats that caused the levee in Missouri to break, a new public crusade against these monsters will begin.

Secretary of defense Robert Gates said 'We will send in the Navy Seals to decimate these terrorist Muskrats'.

The coach of the Miami Dolphins was heard to say that 'we would go in ourselves to help, but we only like salt water'.

The Department of Homeland Security has called a special session to include a new 'rodent' level to the department's current 'terror threat level'.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff have stated 'We will do all we can to thwart this new danger. We can not afford to have a Muskrat Gap!'

In the meantime, the clothing store 'The Gap' has announced they will start carrying Muskrat Fur clothing in the near future.

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